Build Your Own Body Build Your Own Body 4.07

Workout videos, fitness tests and diary

MobileFitnessSoftware. com Build Your Own Body is a software program for Pocket PCs and PDAs that helps users stay in shape with a number of different tools.

MobileFitnessSoftware. com Build Your Own Body has pre-planned workout and instructional exercise videos. You are able to view the appropriate form of doing each exercise because they are demonstrated by certified personal trainers.

There are over 700 exercise videos which can be searched to allow you to find the collection of exercises you want. This program also includes a Strength Training & Runners diary, to allow you to keep a record of your day-by-day training.

This product also includes several fitness tests, reports and graphs that show your progress. You will be able to save, print, browse or email your reports.

This tool will allow you to plan workouts before going to the gym and even add your own techniques to the program's database. For those who would like to create and keep track of a workout routine, MobileFitnessSoftware. Build Your Own Body

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